for Meetings

Automatically captures action items.

Stores them in a single source of truth.

Lets you and your team track every action item by owner, date and more.

Watch the 60 second video below to see how.

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What will Sidekick for Meetings do for you?

Eliminate the meeting overhead everyone hates.

No more note-taking. No more tedious post-meeting admin. No more dropping the ball. Sidekick for Meetings captures all the commitments you flag as you transcribe your meeting in Microsoft Teams. Sidekick processes the transcript and:

Benefits of Sidekick

Focus on the meeting

Engage fully: Sidekick lets you focus on creating, ideating and deciding during the meeting instead of taking notes.

Automatic capture of action items

Sidekick automates the administrative task of capturing meeting commitments.

A single source of truth for everyone

Everyone gets the same message and understands what who is tasked with delivering and when.


Track every action item by owner, date, status, tag. You manage deliverables as you see fit.


Accurate commitments from meetings generate accurate understanding and outcomes.

Missed the meeting?

Action items are linked to the transcript meaning anyone, including those who missed the meeting, can go back to the full context.


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About the team

Miguel Marcos Martinez

CEO & co-founder, ioCommit

Miguel's career in large financial enterprises, with hundreds of meetings each year, has given rise to Sidekick for Meetings. Miguel has designed Sidekick to do the admin and allow analysts, researchers, project managers, chiefs of staff, managers, team leads and senior execs to dedicate their full time and energy to the project's challenges and interfacing with team members.

Nadeem Rahman

CTO & co-founder, ioCommit

An accomplished senior technology manager, product development manager/strategist and solution architect with over 35+ year’s solid experience. Nadeem is expert in delivering process improvement programmes, strategy formation, developing standards and product development.

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